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Four Common Central AC Problems - A1 Air Conditioning & Heating

Four Common Central AC Problems - A1 Air Conditioning & Heating

It’s expected to be a hot few months in the GTA. While summertime is perfect for relaxing and enjoying life to the fullest, it’s also the time of year when the air conditioning is most likely to run into issues or break down. Professional maintenance is essential to keep your system properly functioning, but there are certain AC problems you should keep an eye out in-between scheduled appointments.

Low Cooling Performance: If your system turns on, but there is a lack of cold air, this could be an indication the system is low on coolant. A certified HVAC specialist will need to check for any leaks before charging the system with the correct amount of refrigerant cooling.

High Energy Bills: Another common AC problem is an unexpected increase in monthly energy bills. Poor energy efficiency can have multiple causes including failing components and leaky ducts. A cooling professional will be able to identify the problem and provide solutions to help ensure your air conditioner doesn’t work harder than necessary to cool your home.

Uneven Cooling: A significant difference in temperature from room to room could be a result of an air conditioner not being able to evenly distribute cool air. Insufficient airflow could be the result of an issue with ductwork or vents, but a professional cooling technician can clear away any dirt or obstructions while also checking for leaks and other AC problems.

Constant Cycling: A central air conditioner that constantly turns on and off is a telltale sign that professional repair is required. Not only does constant cycling mean you won’t be comfortable, it’s also an indication that a complete breakdown could be just around the corner.

Professional maintenance can help prevent AC problems they begin and improve your home comfort. If you haven’t scheduled your annual maintenance—contact us today!

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