Heat Pumps in Wesley Chapel

Heat pumps do the work of both a furnace and an air conditioner and are especially effective in mild heating climates such as Florida. Running one unit rather than two can save money on your electricity bill. Today's models operate with leading edge technology that provides dependable, efficient and quiet performance. We back it up with expert installation and service.

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They are called heat pumps because they move heat out of -- or into your house.

  • In the summer months the system pulls heat from indoor air and transfers it outside. The indoor air is now much cooler, and it is recirculated through your duct work by an internal fan so that is it constantly re-cooled.
  • During the winter the mechanism pulls heat from the outside air. Heat is generated by doing this and the pump utilizes that warm air, too. Even outside air that is just below freezing temperature has heat that can be extracted.

Homeowners immediately begin to use less electricity the first time they turn heat pumps on. We will explain all of the technical factors, but the basics are very simple. The units have what is called an energy-efficiency range from 7.7 to 9.35. A rating of 8.2 or higher is considered “high efficiency”. That can translate into a 30 to 40% reduction in your electric heat bill. Remember, you are running one unit for heating and cooling, rather than two. That’s why you can save money on your utility bill.

  • Heat pumps are called "split systems" because they have an outdoor and indoor portion. To handle a deep cold snap, most use a furnace to supplement the warmth. It may only be required 15% of the time and most likely only at night.

If you are upgrading from an existing HVAC unit, choosing from the ENERGY STAR® qualified heat pumps will provide an estimated 20% more efficiency. You can qualify for a federal tax credit for energy efficiency which amounts to a break equal to 30% of the cost of your system. That means that you can recoup up to $1500 of the cost of your replacement unit. When homeowners factor that and then add the years of energy savings discover the investment is far more cost-effective than conventional HVAC.

Installing heat pumps is precise work, and so you will be glad you chose our company with a reputation for precision workmanship. Expert installation ensures you get the most out of your system. You have decided to invest in the technology in order to save energy and save money – to reduce your electricity bills -- and we want to make certain you get all of the benefits. With the majority of these systems, most homeowners are able to use their current ductwork, vents, and registers.

Higher efficiency units may cost more to purchase initially, but you save money in the long run because the system literally pays you back with lower energy bills. We will conduct a heating and cooling study of your home in order to determine which efficiency rating is right for your square footage and for the level of “hot” and “cool” you like. We accept MasterCard, VISA, Discover and American Express credit cards for your convenience.

Heat pumps are especially effective in our climate
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