Mobile Home Air Conditioning in Hudson

Selecting mobile home air conditioning requires different experience than we use for site-constructed housing. There is some cooling loss in most mobile homes, and this affects the size of the unit that will work best for you. In Florida, there is heat gain due to our strong summer heat. We have the years of the experience you need to choose the proper system for your mobile home, and install it so that you get peak efficiency and cooling.

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We calculate the size of unit you need, using industry standard – government recommended cooling load guidelines. Usually mobile home systems are in the in the 3-5 ton range and we will know for certain when we have been to your house and have professionally calculated the cooling capacity you need.

With our expertise you will avoid the costliest mistake people make: buying oversized mobile home air conditioning. Proper size is affected by several things:

  1. The direction your home faces
  2. The location and shade
  3. The number of windows
  4. The cooling loss of your home
  5. The heat gain in summer

Why is too much cooling capacity a problem? Modern air conditioning is designed to work at peak efficiency when cooling specific square footage. A unit actually performs worse when it is too big for the cooling demand of the home. (This is not limited to mobile homes, but ANY home or business). It cycles off and on too frequently. This makes your power bills higher, and it causes the equipment to wear out sooner. Too much cooling power can also cause moisture problems inside your home. We make certain you do not lose energy efficiency and are completely satisfied with the comfort of your home. Our experience with mobile home air conditioning means you have exactly what you need and nothing more.

  • Even if you don’t choose us, please know that oversized HVAC equipment is a common industry problem that honest companies such as we are combating by operating with integrity. The bad guys want you to pay more upfront for larger mobile home air conditioning units.

How much energy can you save? The government’s ENERGY STAR® program estimates that equipment today is at least 30% more energy efficient than a 1993 model. Since you can expect at least 15 years of service out of a system, that means most ‘93s are due for replacement this year. Mobile home air conditioning can save you one third of what you are spending currently on cooling.

Replacing window air units with central air is an additional money saver. The reason is that you need three window units to deliver the same cooler temperatures of one system. Nothing beats the comfort of a central air in a mobile home and window units cannot come close to the energy efficiency.

You have several options for mobile home air conditioning:

  • Split system air conditioners work with your existing furnace ducts to blow cool air throughout your home.
  • A heat pump can handle both cooling and heating needs by moving heat to the outside in summer, and capturing heat from outdoors in winter.
  • An indoor cooling coil can be added to your existing electric furnace.
  • A self contained indoor wall system may provide the cooling you want.
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