Air Conditioner Installation in New Tampa

Air conditioner installation increases your personal comfort and the value of your property. When it’s time for a new cooling system, you can rely on our years of expertise and on our consistent quality service. How do you know it’s time?

  • Your A/C is not cooling well or it is not working at all
  • Your system is old and you want to reduce your utility bills
  • You have decided to replace window units with central air conditioner installation
  • You are preparing to sell your home and you want to increase its value
  • You own new construction or you are planning a remodel or addition

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Make your utility costs drop immediately. If you have a look at your power bill, you will see that in the long summer months here in Florida, about 2/3rds of the cost is for air conditioning. With today’s energy-efficient models, you will need 30-50% less electricity than 15-year-old models use. If your system is 15 years old that’s the average life of an A/C unit.

Look at your power bill again. How many dollars is a 30% savings? What if you cut it in half? This is the money savings you can see following air conditioner installation. Plus, you can get federal tax breaks for making energy-saving home investment – up to $1500 of the cost of the equipment. Many people calculate that the power savings over the life of the unit will pay them back the total cost.

  • We are proud to provide to you in-person advice on a system that offers the best value while meeting your budget for air conditioner installation. We are proud to represent the quality products of Rheem, Goodman, Trane and Lennox and we will install any brand you choose. You will never get a “hard sell” for a more expensive unit. Our job is to provide you the system that best meets your requirements.

Central air conditioner installation instantly raises the value of your home by at least as much as it costs to install, and here in our Florida climate homeowners have had a 10% leap on top of that. A prospective buyer will know their power costs will be less, and their comfort insured, because the home they are buying has energy-efficient cooling. Realtors will tell you that it can seal the deal!

Central air versus room units: Central units are quiet and effective, and in the long run, they save you money. They call it a "room" unit because it really can't cool much more than that; if you try, it will keep drinking power while not cooling effectively. A central system cools and dehumidifies the air and it filters out allergens and dust. In addition, with air conditioner installation you get a programmable thermostat that saves even more electricity by allowing you to cool the house just before you get home. Most thermostats have two fan settings – "on" and "auto." Using "on" can add approximately $25 to your monthly bill, because the fan keeps running. Using the "auto" setting, on the other hand, saves energy and money.

We offer a free, no-obligation calculation of your cooling needs provided on site. We will explain the options and offers that meet your cooling and budget needs.

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We provide air conditioner installation in Wesley Chapel Florida as well as Hudson, Land o’ Lakes, Lutz, Odessa, Trinity, New Port Richey, Dade City, Temple Terrace, New Tampa and Zephyrhills.