AC Repair in Wesley Chapel

AC repair is an urgent matter here in Florida. Our customers appreciate that when we arrive, our mission is to fix what’s wrong, not to start a sales pitch for a replacement system. When you want fair prices and you need technicians who come quickly, we are the choice.

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When your air conditioning isn’t working at all, or it isn’t working well, we understand that you have three urgent questions and you want us there on the double to determine the answers:

  • How soon can we get it back on?

  • What’s wrong?

  • How much will the AC repair cost?

We didn’t make a mistake when we listed “What’s wrong?” second, did we? We understand that when the house is as hot as the climate, “When” beats “What”! That’s why our technicians make speedy AC repair a priority. Of course, we determine what is wrong first, and get your approval for the estimate next, but in our mind restoring AC is always the top priority.

  • One way we are able to quickly get the air back on is that we know where to look first. We bring to your home years of know-how of the most common things than go wrong with an air conditioning system, and how to fix them efficiently.

Your system may be running constantly but the house isn’t getting cool. Air conditioners are supposed to hit a set temperature and shut off periodically. It could be as simple as needing a coolant recharge (this is the most common AC repair call). It is possible that you have never had the right size of unit for the space you need to cool. It may seem illogical, but if your unit is too big it will not cool any more efficiently than one that is too small.

  • A cooling system uses less electricity when it is working properly. You may have noticed a leap in your electricity bill, and that’s why you have called us for AC repair. In the long run, it will save you money to have your unit fixed.

If the blowing air is not cool when you hold a hand in front of indoor vents, this usually means the problem is in the outdoor unit because the indoor portion is still blowing air. There might be a frozen line between your fan and compressor. We need to look at coolant pressure levels and filter obstructions.

When there is no blowing air at all: Most often this is a sign that the indoor blower isn’t working; perhaps the fan has burned out. But the problem may actually be outside - a dirty coil, in which case we will clean the coil or replace it.

When it is making noise: Vibration is serious because it can loosen wires causing them to burn up. You need us to replace the connections, so that the vibration stops. It may be a malfunctioning part called a “contactor”. You can tell this by a buzzing sound.

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We offer AC repair in Wesley Chapel Florida as well as Hudson, Land o’ Lakes, New Tampa, Lutz, Odessa, Trinity, New Port Richey, Dade City, Temple Terrace and Zephyrhills.